Farmers Network South Africa is a registered non profit organisation accredited by non profit organisation directorate of South Africa. The organisation started as facebook group by Charley Balo and the co-founder Thizwilondi Munzhelele in 2015 after seeing there is a need for an organisation of farmers that can assist farmers mainly on this challenges: education, marketing and access to funding. The two founders didn’t stop by recruiting members to work within the organisation as Charley managed to recruit the following outspoken members such as Gideon Du Plessis , Musa Hlophe , Thembakazi “Roundy’’’ Peter, Maja Thomas Mohosana and Eliasere Fhedzi from various provinces of South Africa. FNSA is a non-racial, non-sexist organisation that its intention to champion agricultural sector and create opportunities for our members locally, Africa and abroad through partnership.
Farmers Network South Africa is also a approved stakeholder of Gauteng Department of Agriculture Rural Development on social compact plan.

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